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There is something different in English Teacher Forum (PKB MGMP MTs) Lumajang today. The participants of English Teacher are doing OUTBOND in Selokambang Natural Swimmingpool. This Outbound activity, The committee of English Teacher Forum is collaboration with Mr.Udin Course as the event organizer. The theme of this activity is The Great Outbound of the year for the Greatest English Teacher of MTs. The goal of this activity is to refresh the teachers mind and increase the togetherness each other. In order to the teacher getting new knowledge and new spirit to teach the students.

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In this activity, there some educative games are gave. Those are: Rubber Estafet, Hula-hoop, Water Estafet, water Pipe. In each game has the meaning that can be analyzed, in order to the teacher apply the meaning to the student.

In the opening of the activity, there is warming up activity. The Instructor said, the teachers as the participants is as the blank teapot, that is getting ready accommodate the new knowledge to poured the knowledge to the students.

The main activity those are games, the participants are divided into 5 groups, they are Alaska group. Los Angeles group, Boston group, Texas group, and California group. Each groups consist of 6 people. California group is a special group because it consist of 6 Men, another member groups are woman. In Rubber Estafet game, is wined by Californian group; in Hula-hoop game is wined by Boston group; in Water Estafet is wined by the Los Angeles group, and the Water Pipe game is wined by Alaska group. The participants are very enthusiast and high spirit to win the games. The games is ran well, and the participants are looked happy.

In the last session, the Instructors are announcing the winner of the game and give the award to the winner. The participants very happy receiving the award and they take so many picture . Then The Leader of English Teacher Forum closed the Outbound by saying hamdalah. This Outbound activity end at 1 p.m

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