English Teacher Attending “Pelatihan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan” 2023

On Saturday, 19th August 2023, our English Teacher of MTs Miftahul Ulum 2 Banyuputih Kidul again, received a training Invitation for “Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan (PKB)” for Junior High School in Lumajang.

In this season, this training has divided based on working area or “Wilayah Kerja (Wilker)”. This is for make easy the supervisor controlling the Lesson Teacher Activity including English Teacher activity as long as the training and the follow up plan after the training. There are 5 wilker English Teacher In Lumajang.

The MTs Miftahul Ulum 2 Banyuputih English Teacher, Mr.Muhammad Rouf S.Pd. has been placed in Wilker 3, that covered about 25 Junior High School (MTs) in Jatiroto district, Lumajang town.
In this session, the Training (PKB) is talking about “Implementasi Kurikulum Merdeka” in Junior High School. this matterial was Explained by Fasilitator Daerah(Fasda) that is Ms. Kharisma. Because this material is New, It’s feel like difficult for some English Teacher.

So in PKB the English Teacher is told how to breakdown the “Capaian Pembelajaran(CP)” into Tujuan Pembelajaran (TP) then to be Alur Tujuan Pembelajaran (ATP). So The Anglish Teacher can construct the Lesson Plan or Familiar is Called Modul Ajar (MA).

This Training Start at 9 a.m and ends at 3 p.m..

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